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Google Bard Vs OpenAI ChatBOT: Who Won Battle of the top free AI Chatbots in India 2023

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT gained popularity in India quickly right after its launch in November 2022 but the chatbot might slow down as its competitor Google Bard has now reached Indian shores. The Google AI chatbot is free just like ChatGPT but since Google has dozens of tools like Search, Workspace and more, it offers features that the latter lacks. Although Bard is a bit late to the party, it has performed well.

Here are a few ways how Google Bard has used its tools to its advantage and managed to get an edge over its rival ChatGPT.

Google Bard offers real-time internet access

Although Google has trained its AI chatbot with lots of datasets while responding to a prompt, it also leans on the internet for information. When you give a prompt to Google Bard, it shows up-to-date results with information from the web using Google Search. The real-time internet access feature can be quite helpful for research purposes or gathering information for any purpose. ChatGPT, on the other hand, depends solely on its pre-defined datasets.

Google Bard accepts voice commands

Google’s AI chatbot can process voice commands as well. It comes with a microphone option at the right corner of the bar where you enter the prompts, just like Google Search. OpenAI’s ChatGPT lacks this feature. When asked ChatGPT if it can accept voice commands, it responded with “As an AI text-based model, I’m not capable of directly accepting voice commands. I can only process and respond to text-based inputs.”

Giving a solution to the problem, ChatGPT added, “However, you can use speech-to-text software or voice recognition tools to convert your voice commands into text and then input them to interact with me.” OpenAI has not revealed if or when it will roll out the voice command support for ChatGPT.

Bard lets users export responses  

Google Bard allows users to export the responses produced by the AI chatbots to different platforms. Currently, Bard offers two options to the users: ‘Draft in Gmail’ and ‘Export to Docs’.

ChatGPT does not offer any such feature. To copy text, one needs to go the traditional way of selecting the desired part and then copy-pasting it on the required platform.

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